Singapore Taoist Funeral Services And Packages

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Taoist Funeral Procession

Taoist funeral services will additionally include an altar where a photograph of the deceased is positioned before the casket. Joss sticks and also candles will be positioned around the altar for family and friends to offer their petitions and regard. The deceased’s preferred foods will additionally be shown as an offering.

The funeral event starts with chanting of the Taoist bibles and mourners are needed to grieve as loudly as feasible. Once it’s time for the interment, bereaved family members, as well as guests, need to when again look away as the deceased’s body is lowered into the ground. Select funeral packages for Taoists here.

Taoist Funeral Customs

Given that there are a number of denominations of the Taoist faith, the funeral qualities have a tendency to vary throughout the board. However, they do share a couple of commonness, with several of them being:

Mobilizing Of The Soul

This is a procedure done by calling out the deceased’s name in hopes that they will certainly be resurrected.

Ritual Cleansing

A practice that requires the elder boy to accumulate water from the Earth deity, symbolizing the act of releasing any type of earthly accessories. This enables the deceased to begin their following version with a clean slate. Nonetheless, do keep in mind that this might not apply in particular dialects and sects.

Burning Of Paper Beside Coffin

Paper items are an important component of the Taoist funeral procession. They can be found in the form of money, houses, hills, digital products, as well as other forms of necessities, considered vital in the afterlife.


During the solution, a Taoist priest will shout and recite scriptures and also sutras, asking for attrition of sins. An additional Taoist clergyman will pray on a seat formed like a lotus blossom, a motif that symbolizes the siren of grace, Guan Yin.

Recommended rituals, Taoism also reveals that a number of activities are thought-about taboo, especially during burial processions. For example, guests ought to not put on red as it is believed to interfere with the spirit’s trip to their next life, transforming it into a ghost. Some hold the idea that those that see the deceased’s casket in a mirror’s reflection will encounter fatality in their prompt family, and also as such, mirrors are to be eliminated whilst the coffin is in the house.

Expect you’re not quite certain the dos as well as don’ts when preparing a Taoist funeral. Because case, you’ll want to participate in a funeral parlour with a seasoned Taoist funeral director from that can direct you with the whole preparation and also execution of the funeral. Having someone that is well versed in Taoist funeral issues will certainly reduce the entire procedure, and also you can concentrate on grieving the passing away of a liked one as well as heal with the remainder of your family.

The mourning period for the bereaved

After a Chinese funeral takes place, the mourning duration is usually 49 days after fatality. Buddhists believe that renewal will certainly occur within the six realms in the duration of 49 days, relying on the deceased’s karma. Petitions are conducted for the soul of the departed every 7 days until the 49th day.

During the 49th day, 100th day, 1st year, and/or the 3rd year from the date of fatality, “Kong Teck” is held to celebrate the life of the deceased and also symbolizes the relaxed death of the deceased from this life to the following. This memorial service includes shouting of concepts and scorched offerings to create benefits for the deceased’s heart as well as have a smoother journey in the afterlife. It is a post-funeral procession.